My name is Aaron Carson and I am a first year cyber security and computer forensics student at Kingston University. I also work for Monzo Bank within their Customer Operations department to delight our customers via live chat and over the phone. In doing this, I ensure every customer has the best experience whilst using Monzo to manage their financial life. Alongside this, I'm also one of the Social Media Officers for National Student Pride wherein I, and a small team, are responsible for promoting the event and generally giving it a good social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Over my A levels, I spent 18 months working in a McDonald's restaurant where I discovered my passion for excellent customer service and making sure customers have a great experience every time, regardless of what their expected outcome is. I still work there seasonally as and when I'm back home from university and they need a hand!

Hello, welcome to McDonald's; can I take your order please? - Aaron Carson, most of 2018.

My Employability Asset Audit is accessible here, but a password is required to access it. Send me an email at the address below if you'd like access and I haven't already provided you with the password. The same applies to my Career Development Plan which is accessible here!

If you'd like to view my CV, a copy is accessible as a PDF here - however, my LinkedIn profile is also available here. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or message me on LinkedIn for any further details!