Hi, I'm Aaron.

I should probably introduce myself. I recently turned 18 and am about to be finished with my A levels. In September, I'm moving to Kingston to study Cyber Security and Computer Forensics - something I'm incredibly excited about!

I've owned this domain for a while now but never done anything interesting with it so I installed WordPress last night, showed a friend, and he immediately said I should try Ghost instead!

I'd never heard of Ghost, but when I looked it up, I realised it backed a lot of services that I look at regularly so thought I may as well give it a shot, and I'm glad I did.

The editor is lovely (I'm loving the Monaco and the markdown) and the site looks great without much effort (something I really need)!

As a result, I fully intend on using this more and hopefully writing down some "interesting" thoughts, especially as I move into university this coming September.

Well, let's see what happens this time, eh?

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