Hello! Hello! | Aaron Carson


31 Jan 2020

Editor’s note upon re-release on the 30th Nov 2020: It was ignored.

So, I’m making another attempt. Again.

Surprise, surprise. Aaron’s made yet another blog. I actually have a plan for this one, however, so maybe, just maybe, it won’t be ignored like my last 7423129.

I jest.

As suggested on my front page, I intend to use this as a way to document some of the things I get up to in the cyber security field, or possibly just random things I do to pass the time. For example, my flat’s overly convoluted network. Which I now consider my child. It’s flawed and occasionally really screws up, but overall I love it unconditionally. As I say, my child.

I should probably document this somehow, if nothing else but to potentially allow someone else to understand what on earth I’ve done to the poor, poor Ubiquiti gear that fell into my possession. Honestly, network engineers would see what I’ve done and probably cry, but it works nicely and it works for me so bugger off.

I also just bought the parts for an ESP8266 powered and controlled WS2812B LED strip for my living room which (despite requiring me to wire a power supply with literal mains power) hasn’t yet gone wrong. Aside from the fact that the supposed 40A power supply can’t run 5 metres of LEDs. Hopefully we won’t have a fire. Hopefully. Someone please knock on some wood – that’s probably the best chance I have at No Fire. (Dearest flatmates, if you’re reading this, I promise we won’t have a fire.)

Anyway, I’m currently sat in a Costa with the melted remains of my salted caramel iced latte (yes, I’m that pretentious) and I have been for considerably longer than is probably considered ‘socially acceptable’ with an empty drink. Oops. Sorry Costa. As a result, I’ll wrap this up here for now and who knows? Maybe I’ll actually write another post! That would be a miracle.

Muchest of love,