Cyber Security

One of my primary interests is cyber security, hence taking it at university. However, I'm also currently taking part in a program called Cyber Discovery, and have progressed to the final Elite stage! I hope to bring the skills I learned within Essentials forward to my university course, and look forward to the 18+ Elite date.

The main reason I'm interested in the whole subject is due to its practicality. In today's society, cyber security can be applied to almost anything. Regardless of where you go, something will be either tracking you (less so in the EU now that the GDPR exists), or will be holding your data, so it's becoming increasingly more important for companies to prevent against the worst -- something some companies need more help with, naming no names (TalkTalk, Yahoo, Equifax etc). I would like to be able to be that help!

I shall update this page with new projects I take on related to the subject, and will be using this blog as a log of them for myself with the hope that maybe someone else will be able to make use of them for something.