About Me

Hi, I'm Aaron.

I'm a British teen who recently completed his A levels in Computer Science, Physics and Maths, with aspirations of getting in to the cyber security field, hence the uni course 😉.

Prior to the Cyber Discovery course, I was aware of my interest in cyber security but hadn't thought of it as a proper future - I previously intended to take general computer science until I realised that was not where my passion lay. Obviously I still have an interest in CS or I wouldn't have started to study anything related to it, but I realised I needed to specialise from the start.

I also took part in the NCA/Cyber Security Challenge in which myself and my team had to forensically analyse emails and other data (along with a small amount of physical forensics!) in order to work out who had committed a crime! We ultimately managed to come to a conclusion which resulted in a successful 'arrest'. This provided me with two important things:

  1. I am certain computer forensics is what I want to do with my life..!
  2. I got access to real world experience as the entire scenario was created by the National Crime Agency.

This will ultimately have a huge knock-on effect as I will be able to transfer what I learned to my future. I also fully intend on taking part in more CSC events as time goes on!

I also try to be as outspoken as possible in regards to social issues and fully intend to make this a much more prominent aspect of who I am going forwards. My first step will be to join the LGBTQ+ society at university and use that as a place to get new ideas as to how to do it, whilst also having fun and meeting other LGBTQ+ individuals!

I will use this blog as I go through university as a way of documenting where I am in my studies and even simply my life!